Flavour, generosity & pleasure

Those three words are what the Flavour Foundry is all about. We take fabulous fresh ingredients and turn them into fabulous finished products that your customers will come back for time and time again. We make the kinds of things you'd make yourself if you had the time.

Foundry not factory

So what is all this 'Foundry' nonsense?

In short, we were looking for a word that described something bigger than a kitchen but different to a run of the mill food factory. A word to illustrate how we use big versions of the kitchen equipment any enthusiastic cook might have at home – big saucepans, big whisks, big mixers, big ovens – but all recognisable as what they are; a word that also describes the artisan nature of what we do.

Some bright spark here (me, actually) reminded us that the huge tipping pan that molten metal is poured from in a foundry is called a ladle – just a huge version of a soup ladle. We liked the connection and the Flavour Foundry was born.

So what we're saying is - if it can't be homemade, make sure it's Foundry made.

What can we do for you?

You've got a busy food business to run but you want to serve something that looks and tastes homemade – you also need consistency and confidence. Our products tick all the boxes, the quality is first class every time, they are made in state of the art premises – you're more than welcome to come and visit - and our distribution partner is the biggest independent food service business in Cornwall and Devon. Most important of all, they'll make you money – no waste, good margins and flavour that will keep your customers coming back for more.

What do we make?

Things that your customers will want to eat – traybakes and cakes, quiches and tarts, muffins and cookies. The only danger? You might have to fib when you're asked if you made them yourself. Our range is growing quickly and we have the flexibility in the Foundry to react to special requests so if you can't see a product or flavour that works for you please get in touch and we'll talk about a bespoke service.

Download our product list

How do you get them?

Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll put you in touch with our distributors WestCountry Plough to Plate – or if you already deal with WestCountry talk to your account manager. They are the biggest independent food and drink wholesaler in the far South West and deliver across Cornwall and Devon from their depots in Falmouth, St Austell and Newton Abbot – fresh and ambient products daily, frozen products twice a week.